My 46th birth anniversary ( ৪৬ বছরে পা রাখলাম )

I have received over 1200 greetings already. I am glad to know many people like and love me. It seems, day by day my number of friends is increasing, I am becoming popular. I must have to be more responsible and devoted to love, serve and understanding others. Thanks, all friends to send birthday good wish.

যা বলেছিলাম, তা সত‍্য। হৃদয়ে, ভালোবাসার অবতার 'সন্ত' হওয়ার বাসনা নবপ্রাণে জেগেছে।

পাঁচটি ধর্ম পরলোেকে শুভ যাত্রার আগে সুসম্পূর্ণ করতেই হবে, নইলে শান্তি নাই -

১. বর্তমানে থাকা ( Now and here, staying present )

২. অন‍্যকে ও নিজকে ভালোবাসা ( 'Forgive, forget and love', loving, serving and understanding others )

৩. একাকিত্ত্ব ও ভালোবাসহীনতাকে অতিক্রম করা ( Overcoming the 'lack of love' and 'loneliness')

৪. প্রথম কাজকে প্রথম হিসাবে করা। ( Giving priority to the first as first in work list )

৫. আপ ভালো তো জগত ভালো ( I am ok, you are ok )

আমার এই পাঁচটি ধর্ম যদি কারো ভালো লাগে, চর্চ্চা শুরু করে দিতে পারেন। পয়সা লাগবো না । আগ্রহীরা বিনাপ…

Shishigajou Hanabi Maturi 獅子ヶ城祭り(firework)

This evening we enjoyed 'Shishigajou Hanabi Maturi' 獅子ヶ城祭り(firework) in Sawata. It was exotic celebration in the sea bank. Huge fireworks was appear from the sea water with Japanese hi-tech setting! It is an annual and regular event in Sado....

Tazia and Ashura

The Ashura have been observed with highest dignity by the Bangladeshi Muslim along with another Muslim countries. This national holiday, the Muslim community in Dhaka, particularly in the old Dhaka and Muhammedpur observed with huge gathering in sad rally, known as Tazia. 10 Muharram, the first month of the Hijri calendar is the anniversary of the death of Imam Husain, the Prophet's grandson, at Karbala.

King of people

I am impressed to see the love of peoples to the Thai King. People respect him and his ministry without question. He also invested his all effort centering on people and become the longest ruling monarch in the world. On the eve of King Bhumibol Adulyadej 60th birth day places with heart as like as a god. His Majesty has truly won the heart of his people! I saw in billboard, gate, traffic island, avenues event in the personal room king portrait. I was Thailand from 06-11 January, 2007; I saw the great mode of Royal Kingship both in city terrific and meditative rural life.

More info at:

One Jabani

Coronet is my son, was born in Japan. As he is by born Japanese but living and growing in Bangladesh. I and my wife say him “ Jabani”, not Japani nor Bangladeshi. His always smiling face, and wants to use computer. Even though he can not seek word < just sound> but dance with Bangla song. CDROM player is favorite tools more than key board. When keyboard can not control the CDROM, he become angry and change continuously the CD/DVD. We are very worried as, my destroy official CDs. Two months before he destroyed one laptop by his too much beating as that could not control the CDROM . His web log address is

Hospitality mind

My wife is a Japanese nationality, sent me a guideline to be an "Ideal Personality". After receive this mail, I am impressed and read for practice. I don't know this guideline whole life I could follow or not, but touched my life mission:


「H」:Hearty       誠心誠意である
「O」:Original      創造性がある
「S」:Self-controllable  セルフコントロールが出来る
「P」:Polite       丁寧である
「I」:Identical      仲間として受け入れられる
「T」:Thoughtful     思いやりがある
「A」:Attractive     魅力的である
「L」:Liberal       自由な発想が出来る
「I」:Impressive     感動を与えることが出来る
「T」:Thankful      感謝の気持ちを表すことが出来る
「Y」:Youthful      気持ちがハツラツとしている

「M」:Mannerly      作法をわきまえている
「I」:Interested     好奇心がある
「N」:Neutral       中庸である
「D」:Delightful     相手を愉快にすることが出来る

ICT justice in Japan

Japan is the highest cellphone user country of the world. Japanese women don’t passocon ( local terminology of laptop ) but almost cent percents have own car and cellphone which becomes the alternative of computer. All modes’ mobile has SMS, e.mail, browsing, download and accounting essential facilities. Use of local content, emicon and decorated fashion particularly by young girl with different cartoon characters are the specialty of Nippon’s mobile culture. By empowering the information here women are equal, and some case active more than men in democratic participation, business, innovations social activities along with the family works.

In rural Japan still now telephone, TV is the powerful ICTs. Radio generally used to enjoy song in car. Beyond the entertainment nature, TV regularly provides every citizen life information with issues based programs which produced with step by step presentation combine with designed text, graphics, animation and video. There is no gender gap; wom…