Friday, November 09, 2012

My non stop journey

It was a big challenge to set new professional mission after finished M.Sc in geology from Jahangirnagar University on 1995 with total academic track change. During discovering 15 gas fields in Bangladesh for geologist it was attractive opportunity to get high salary job. Among the worries, contradiction, however relative's hard-talks in jobless life, I was unchanging in position! Whenever most of my class-mates joined in oil-gas companies, I was meditatived with deep self motivation! They were surprised to know my alternative views. From the beginning I looked the way to lead a life with freedom and social commitment. First time, I wanted to be a writer. Writing was my hobby from school life. I received a number of awards in school and college in writings competitions. I was moved with the wave of writing emotion until 2000. I have many unpublished literature works! To write literature directly in computer I learned Bengali typing before English composing. In the year 1996, I joined in a NGO named TTGB (Training Task Group Bangladesh) as a trainee. Of that time, I got opportunity to fill up my lacking by learning social science, theology, philosophy, history, social movement, peoples participatory process (PPP) and development philosophy which positively changed my views. During the 'Human Potential Development' training course of TTGB, I keenly felt to be a ‘media and development practitioner’ could be one of the best way for me.

In 1996-2000 I followed Gandhism and non-vegetarian life. I enjoined very much the slow food and slow thinking culture of stoic life which helped me to concentrate in creativity. In this time, I invested myself to learn and practices multimedia design, video editing and digital creativity in Softworks.
In the year 2000, I was invited by PLA to be an international video-volunteer in Philippines. By working in multicultural environment, along with video production work, I learned leadership and web design. This three months working experiences were inseparable to understand the world beyond Bangladesh. Just after returned from Manila in the same year, I joined in AVCom as a ‘Creative Executive’. Then I joined in Drik on April, 2001 as ‘Multimedia Team Leader’. Working in Drik opened a new window for my career .

I was responsible to coordinate ‘Banglarights’, the Bangladesh first human rights web portal, a joint project of Drik, DFID and The British Council. Along with design the portal, I played 'Online Editor' (2001-2005) role of Banglarights. During work in Drik, I shared my works and experiences in a number of international events. However I successfully completed a number of international media projects. Whenever the internet was rare in Bangladesh, I got chance to use online connectivity from Drik ISP. The internet connectivity and parental guides of Sahidul Alam helped me lot to build my career as a responsible multimedia professional and partitioner.

On April 2005, I visited Japan for 7 months as a family tour. After returned from Japan. I stated own company Machizo Multimedia Communication. However, I joined as a lecturer ( 2007-2009) in the University of Liberal Arts to teach 'Multimedia Production', 'New Media and Online Applications' and 'Video Communication' course. Now I am moving forward with my two small team in Bangladesh and Japan. We provide web design, video production, multimedia design, multimedia journalism and ICT4D project implementation support both in Bangladesh and Japan. By following English major internet media, my Bangla writing hobby had been almost stopped. Sometime I feel sorry for missing the time. I have again started writing in Bangla. My first Bangla book ( upponash ) ‘Ashar Alo’ has been published in the Ekushy Book Fair 2012. The novel was written 20 years before during my university life. As a multimedia and development professional, last 15 years I have worked with many human rights and development organizations. I truly love to work on popular media and popular culture. I have dream to establish a world-class multimedia studio in Bangladesh. I would like to contribute development process of Bangladesh beyond the traditional definition of development for empowering of majority people, particularly rural poor and marginalized community. For this purposes I am looking seed fund to produce educational content for life skill development and good citizenship. Since 2001 I have become online global citizen. I have working experiences with many prestigious organisations like AMIC, Arts Electronica, IPI, PANOS, BRAC, Drik, BLAST, Drishtipat, BNNRC, The British Council, Oxfam, Islamic Relief, Grameen Communication, Uttaran, ULAB, South Asia Social Forum, Coast Trust, EquityBD etc. I have produced over 17 documentary, 270 online videos and 180 websitess in English, Japanese, Bengali, Thai, Dutch, French language. My works has been recognized by Panos, ISIF Asia, Stockholm Challenge, AMIC, One Word USA, PANAP, Manathan Award etc. My documentaries have been screed in a number of international film festivals. I have shared my experiences and views more than 20 international seminars and workshops around the world. However I have delivered lectures in a number of universities. Power of Culture, UnnayanTV, 80plus1, FoucssInfo are my favourite projects. I love to work on new issue with new organization and creative individuals.